White sand beach


The hotel is located on the beachfront of the Baltic Sea.

You can always take a walk on the beach and, during the warmer seasons, lie down on  satisfyingly soft sand, sunbathe or go swimming.

You will be welcomed by a special kind of air. It is clean and clear, full of the smell of the sea, pines, flowers. The air contains a huge amount of negatively charged ions, which makes the town and its beach a natural inhalation spa. In summer, the oxygen level in the air reaches 23%, which means that simply by being in our hotel or on the beach or in the town, you are basically carrying out the prevention and treatment of many diseases for free.

You can purchase all necessary sunbathing products at the hotel reception.

For more information please call 8 (40150) -3-62-21, 8 (40150) 76-72-17 or inquire at the hotel reception.