Amber room


The Sambia hotel offers a unique procedure for invigorating your health - our Amber room. Since ancient times, amber is known for its healing properties for the human body. Amber radiates healing heat and is rich in salts of succinic acid, which is a biostimulator. Amber acid invigorates the nervous system, normalizes the activity of the intestines, strengthens health, removes toxins. It is an anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic agent. Air in the amber room possesses medicinal properties due to the large amount of amber contained there. And while walking on this healing stone, you get a curative massage of the biologically active points on your feet. The Amber room attracts not only adults but also children with its curative properties. Children are fascinated by playing with amber, which is beneficial for developing their fine motor skills and sensory experience.

Visit the hotel's Amber room to recharge your body and enjoy its health-improving effect on your whole organism.

The price of one visit to the Amber room:
20 min costs 200 rubles per person

For more information, please call 8 (40150) -3-62-21, 8 (40150) 76-72-17 or inquire at the hotel reception.